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Events Produced

More than just your average IT company…

Yes, we geek out on tech, there is no doubt about that. 

More importantly, we believe idea sharing and collaboration is the key to developing not only incredible systems but fosters community and velocity in problem solving.

We are committed to constantly being on the  leading edge provider of Thin Client/Virtualization products and professional services for our clients and community. With over 18 years of experience in Server Based Computing and Virtualization technologies, we offer unique abilities in the design and implementation of advanced application delivery platforms. We service progressive organizations seeking to streamline communications, reduce administrative requirements and lower the overall cost of computing.

Thin Client Computing has received multiple CTP awards and holds industry statuses with Nutanix, Atlantis Computing, Microsoft & IGEL

We are proud to have received the Citrix Innovation Award & 10 Innovation Award for our work with COX Communications

Our case studies and products are featured in various forums, articles, industry conferences, and even the Citrix certification test!

Steve Greenberg

President and Principal Architect
Steve is a pioneer and widely recognized thought leader in Virtual and Cloud computing. Known for successful implementations of critical environments in Finance, Healthcare, Education, Utilities, and others he has received international recognition and numerous industry awards. With a focus on practical “Real World’ solutions and on information sharing, he is a User Group leader, widely followed on social media, and, is a popular speaker at leading industry conferences. Find him at @stevegreenberg

  • Understanding the Needs of the Business 100%
  • Rock Solid Fault Tolerant Design/Architecture 100%
  • Cost Effective Solutions 98%
  • Community Sharing 100%

Joe Shonk

CTO, Principal Consulting
Joe is recognized internationally as a leading Technical Expert in large scale integration of a wide range of Storage, Virtualization, Networking and Application/Desktop delivery frameworks. Having received numerous industry awards, Joe continues to act as a Thought Leader and source of Best Practices worldwide.

Find him on Twitter at @joeshonk

  • Coding/Scripting/Geek Skills 100%
  • Superior Integration Capabilities 98%
  • Performance Optimization 100%
  • Loves Cats 90%
  • JiuJitsu 80%

Bobbie Jones

V.P. Technical Sales
Bobbie is a Devry graduate with many years of hands on experience in Network, Security, Virtualization, Enterprise Applications and Systems Integration. She specializes in understanding customer requirements and translating them to actionable project plans and lowest cost product solutions.

Find her on Twitter @BobbieJones27

  • Planning, Budgeting & Proactive Awareness 99%
  • Technical Skills 90%
  • Knowing the End User 100%
  • People Skills 100%
  • Average Speed on a Motorcycle 75%

A solution starts with a conversation.

If you are interested in solving some problems, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!