Microsoft AZURE Masters Training: April 2018

Azure is a software designed datacentre filled with complex service descriptions, limits, scales and functions.  Which means complexity.

This three day hands-on course is designed to fast-track your Azure expertise.

The cloud is here, and unfortunately it does not behave in the way we are accustomed to working.

This critical training will help you avoid:


out of control costs


Security Breaches


Stability Issues


Unsupported Configuration

Date & Time

April 17-19, 2018

What to bring

  • A laptop.
  • Questions.
  • Patience.

What to Expect

  • A lot of interaction.
    This isn’t a classroom style event
  • A fast pace.
    Your guide is Irish & he speaks quickly
  • Acronyms.
    But you knew that already
  • Hands on.
    There will be frequent lab challenges
  • Plot twists.
    Not quite at Christopher Nolan’s level

Course Description

Azure is a software designed datacentre.  It is filled with complex service descriptions, limits, scales and functions.  Which means complexity.  If you treat Azure as a place to simply host virtual machines, you are not going to see the benefits.  Worse still, you could creating an environment with out of control costs and weak security.

This is a three day hands-on course designed to fast-track your IaaS Azure expertise.  We take a practical approach to show you how to get things right the first time.  Our course brings you through the best practices and teaches you to avoid pitfalls and common mistakes.


What will we cover

  • The tools you need to work with Azure
    Azure design approach
  • How to match cost with design
  • Fundamentals of:
    Network, Storage, Compute
  • Advanced Networking:
    DMZ, Security Groups, User Defined Routing, Load Balancers, Perimeter Devices e.g. Netscaler, Firewall
  • Backup and Recovery Options
  • Disaster Recovery to other regions
  • Examples of Complex Environments
  • Automation through Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates
  • Deep dive into Citrix on Azure and Citrix Cloud

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About Gavin McShera

Your course guide is Gavin McShera from Dublin, Ireland.  Gavin has 22 years of IT experience across multiple industries including online gaming, finance, banking, insurance, aircraft leasing, pharmaceutical, retail, education and consulting.  Despite having a lot of different jobs, Gavin eventually settled down for a while and spent 8 years in Microsoft Ireland as Datacentre and Cloud specialist.

Gavin has written Azure courses for Pluralsight, blog posts for and was the technical editor on the Mastering Windows Server 2012R2 book from Sybex.

Gavin now works as a freelance consultant in Europe and the US.  In his spare time he likes writing about himself in third person and mountain biking

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