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Since our inception, we have been giving our clients cloud-like systems with their existing hardware with cloud migration plans when they were ready.

Today, more than ever, there are a plethora of options to choose from and despite a lot of marketing promises, there is not one-size-fits all solution -whether it is migrating or now or later. As computing continues to evolves toward Cloud delivery, we optimize for the unique attributes of Cloud based infrastructure. This includes the classic elements of uptime, performance and reliability but adds a new design elements such as right sizing, optimal configuration and careful automation to minimize the recurring cost and avoiding the many “gotchas” inherent in these new services.

 Offering Services that work for you

If you are struggling to find and retain the necessary skill set to optimize your complex and critical environments Expertise As A Service (EASE) was designed for you. After 20 years of success in assisting customers with building and optimizing core business systems, our team at Thin Client Computing understands what you need to be successful and move the needle.


We can accomplish 4x of in-house staff with multiple responsibilities



Optimized planning & budgeting for cost-effective long-term strategy




We help grow your results for a fraction of onboarding new team members

Stay Up to Speed

System Monitoring
Patching & Selective Updates


Innovate & Improve

Performance Optimization
System Improvements
Improve Uptime

Ensure Legacy

Knowledge Transfer
Technical Support
Technical Requirements Planning

We have created options that work for you and your needs with a 4-Tier system starting with 12 hours/month and up.
To discuss your needs contact us here or call us at: (602) 432-8649 

Purchasing as You Like Service

TCC offers innovative purchasing models for any infrastructure purchase, project or service whether cloud hosted, colo, software or hardware. The extended program includes flexible models for consuming hardware, software and services under either or both OPEX and CAPEX models.

A solution starts with a conversation.

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