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APRIL 19-21 2024

Two Decades of Excellence & Leading Edge:


Advanced system design for both small and large organizations based on many years of experience and best practices.

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We help our clients focus on what’s new and relevant in the industry while maximizing their current environments.

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Creativity happens through collaboration, we are committed to a robust community and dialogue through events.

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Is your team low on bandwidth?

We can help you plan and implement your virtualization needs, short and long-term in the following areas:


Are you facing threats to your environment or data?


Needing a solution to increase employee productivity & retention?


Dealing with hardware and systems that need updating?


Empower your team with current information and training for efficiency.

We work with you to create rock solid virtualization, increased performance and universal access to applications and desktops under the most demanding circumstances. Our environments have been recognized for the highest levels of performance, redundancy and automation.

Your neutral partner

We are your neutral adviser of numerous products and technologies, we maintain your needs as our core focus for organization, no matter what size it is. Your advantage is expert design and high-level products provide you with the best system design for the lowest cost.


Coming april 19-21 2024:

EUC unplugged

(formerly the EUC Masters Retreat)

Collaborate with Peers, Colleagues and Experts

 on areas of interest chosen by attendees.


The Thin Client team rocked our needs and created so much awesomeness in our business that we could take our team and work remotely from Fiji for two months every year!
Raving Fan

CEO, Big Wig Company

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